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Pradip, Get an iPad Air 2. It's thin and light so it's easy to hold and the screen is gorgeous. The larger screen size is easier for viewing and tapping.

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Facetime is a native app and easy to connect to other facetime users. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is also worth considering and is more affordable. I had thought about the Samsung product but then I would not have Facetime. I just got a good deal on Amazon for iPad Air. I would have gone for iPad Air 2 but the price differential was too great. My wife is using a 2 year old iPad 2 and it is still very fast without any bloatware. I really like its very low bandwidth requirement and the facetime performance - speed and video quality are much more than adequate.

Only application that I am going to install, apart from the default ones, will be Words with Friends, which runs so much better on iPad 2 than on my Nexus 7. I can fit a 7 incher in my pants pocket. And I don't want to be one of those idiots waving a 19 inch iPad around to take a picture. I own four tablets: both the 7 inch and 8. Love the 7 inch Fire HDX for e-reading but find it a bit small for much else. It is certainly a very capable tablet, it's just a bit small for my liking. The 8 inch Acer is okay, still a bit small for my taste. It was also a lot more user friendly when it was running Windows 8.

The iPad is nice hardware, but it is a bit heavy and I personally don't care much for iOS. That leaves the 8. It is my absolute favorite, hands down. The display is big enough without the tablet being too heavy.

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For me, the 8. The display is easily on par with the iPaid Air 2, and the WiFi is far and away the fastest of the four tablets--the wireless is screaming fast. I was skeptical when I first started using it, sometimes thinking 8. Hope this info helps those of you still searching I began with an 8 inch Samsung galaxy note 8, it was perfect and still is, at that time I owned a 3. However, due to productivity limitations inherent in Android and given the fact that this tablet is going to be a part of history sooner or later, I'm thinking of changing this tablet.

What's more is that now I've got a five inch smartphone and consume most of the content on my smartphone, I'm thinking about a larger tablet with Windows as a portable productivity tool.

follow url Right now I'm considering Lenovo's 10 inch Yoga Tablet 2 with windows which I believe to be a compromise between productivity, portability, and price. There's a HUGE difference between 9"-ish and 10" tablets in terms of weight. My daily-use tablets have pretty much all been oddball 8. I more or less NEVER use a mobile device in landscape orientation unless I'm taking a photo or something forces it into landscape mode. I don't think is a good idea, either.

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Books I've read in my life have most often been significantly taller than they are wide, so landscape feels unnatural for that purpose, and I find that holding devices that are "too wide" makes them ungainly. I've been using tablets for over a decade, since Windows XP Tablet Edition; sizes from 5 to 13 inches, weights from under a pound to several pounds. I would offer a few tips.

First, how are you going to hold it? If you plan to hold it in the air for more than a few minutes, you want something less than a pound.

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More than that and you will need to rest it on something. Second, what are you going to use it for? If you have a traditional office job and want to use your tablet to telecommute, go with Windows and don't worry about trying to find workarounds which may not exist with some enterprise security software. And don't believe the slur that you can't use Windows programs on a small tablet. I use Office on the desktop side with touch. I currently have a Dell Venue 8 Pro but it's a few years old and with daily use the battery is getting weaker.

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Both work well as e-readers, simple games players and casual internet tools. I find the 7 inch a good size for portability and holding. My next tablet will probably be bigger as I'm getting older and the eyes are not as good as they used to be. Looking at the 8 - 9 inch range - big enough to use as a reader and not so big it's no longer convenient to carry.

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BTW: really recommend caution when it comes to tablet operating systems. My first tablet was the Nexus, based on overwhelmingly positive reviews. I found it to be unstable, slow, and unreliable across multiple flavors of Google Android. Spent a lot of time and energy trying to tweak it without much success so I could use it without a lot of fuss and hassle.

I much prefer the Windows 8. My wife and my mom both own Apple I-Pad Minis 7. From the very few times I've been able to actually get my hands on one, I found the Apple tablet experience to be quick, clean and stable. What a great read, Mihir! Thanks for this really. It came right on time when I was in process of thinking to get a tablet or not and if i decide to get one which size will it be. You covered almost all the points I was considering.

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I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5. When I am at home or at friend's house or sometimes at Best Buy, I screen mirror my phone to big screen TV to watch my pictures or videos or to watch streaming movies from Kodi. I can also read my eBooks on huge screen.

I love to own Samsung galaxy note 10 tablet but I always say why should I have it if I can screen mirror my phone on way bigger screen. It is actually an awesome phone and have no regrets purchasing it. Battery life is unbelievable. Can literally go for days with normal use.

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But, as mentioned, I would like a bit more screen real estate if possible. But, I am not sure what results I will have with the other phones.

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With the little experience I have with the frequencies, I am thinking that the only frequency that I can take advantage of with most of the above phones is the Mhz frequency that T-Mobile has re-farmed I am in a re-farmed area. Only problem, T-Mobile doesn't guarantee that frequency will work or if the service will be reliable enough. I believe I found this out while testing the international version of the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.

Anybody have any feedback on the above, or have any other experience with 7 inch phablets on the T-Mobile network obviously with calling capability? If so, please share the phone model. Awesome device. Only issues are typical of Android devices. Buggy as hell, reboots etc.