Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still Genocide

Genocide By Any Other Name
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The purpose is to drive the ethnic Africans from the region. The brutal violence has resulted in over 30, deaths and the displacement of as many as two million Darfurians. An estimated , refugees have crossed the border into Chad, and only in the past few weeks have humanitarian agencies had access to limited portions of the affected region.

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As many as a million people could die if aid is withheld or unavailable. The world avoided using the word "genocide" when six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Our government avoided using the term in Rwanda 10 years ago when , people of the Tutsi minority were slaughtered in days by their government, an inaction that President Clinton claims to regret to this day. Are we to repeat history or make it? American Jews responded in Bosnia; we must respond in Sudan. We can prevent these atrocities from occurring and we can prevent a million people from dying.

The Jewish response is growing. Since April, American Jewish World Service has been providing essential humanitarian services to many of the affected populations in Darfur and Chad.

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The Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief, an umbrella coalition comprised of 45 national Jewish organizations, is asking each member organization to urge their constituents to act. As Jews who know firsthand the consequences of silence from the international community, we must do all that we can to prevent or stop deliberate attempts to annihilate any people.

We must respond with aid and advocacy, both of which can be addressed quickly and efficiently through the American Jewish World Service website and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism website. So call it what you want--genocide, ethnic cleansing or crimes against humanity--but do respond while there is still time to save as many lives as we can.

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Ruth W. Messinger is the president of American Jewish World Service, an international development and emergency relief organization based in New York City with regional offices in Chicago and San Francisco.

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Prior to assuming this role in , Ms. Messinger was in public service for 20 years, serving the last eight as Manhattan borough president. In search of a unique Hanukkah gift for the social justice hero in your life? Look no further than this guide for all your gift-giving needs - with an emphasis on tikkun olam, the repair of our broken world. Want to explore Reform Judaism but have no in-person opportunities to study?

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This class is for you! Reform Zionism is a continuation of the early Zionist dream to foster a living, breathing national culture that represents the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood. What does it mean to stand up for your people unequivocally if they physically harm you because they disagree with you so vehemently?

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Indigenous lives are still dictated by Canada see: Indian Act , children are still removed from our communities see: child welfare and youth jails , and no Indigenous government is free from the control of the minister of Indigenous affairs see: chiefs and councils. The outcome of all of these acts has resulted in the death, destruction, and suffering — the genocide — of Indigenous women and girls. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, they are 19 times more likely than Caucasian women.

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Guinea Pigs of the New World Order. Their denial rewrites a dark page in human history. Why Spycops victims walked out from the police inquiry. Retrieved 22 October The Convention came into force as international law on 12 January after the minimum 20 countries became parties. They have no choice but to live under conditions of apartheid in Burma, and their oppression can be understood within a broader context surrounding the conflict between the Rakhine community, a Buddhist ethnic majority, and the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority.

It calls upon public and private institutions in areas of justice, health, child welfare, transportation, natural resources to ensure the safety of Indigenous women and girls, while also including their perspectives in delivery of their services. Beyond those calls aimed at governments or at specific industries or service providers, we encourage every Canadian to consider how they can give life to these calls for justice. If anything, the final report of the Inquiry is overwhelming — but so is the issue of years of violence against Indigenous women and girls.

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Niigaan Sinclair. Originally appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on June 1, Republished with the permission of the author. Home Indigenous National Indigenous Genocide by any other name…. Indigenous National Indigenous. Canadian Rangers assisting again in second Pikangikum fire evacuation.