Go Ask Malice: Murder at Woodstock (The Rock & Roll Murders: A Rennie Stride Mystery)

Patricia Morrison
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Many who are apparently well qualified to labor And Paul han knowledge regarding the end, for God are urged into the ministry, without a which he imparted to the Thessalonians. So also the Revelation was given " to become a grievous burden to the church instead show unto his servants things which must of burden-bearers.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison

If the church of the presshortly come to pass. And these ent time would act as cautiously and wisely as did the apostles in filling the vacancy among things,it is said, " t h e wise shall understand. The work has " Y E shall be witnesses unto me, both in Je- often suffered much by putting persons forrusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and ward to do that which they were not capable unto the uttermost part of the earth.

What a contrast to their expectations. They knew what it meant to bear witness "AND when the day of Pentecost was fully thoughout the land of Palestine. Strenuous effort is before them the example of John, and also of made by some to place this occasion on the their Masterboth of whom had been witness- first day of the week, as an argument for Sunbearersbesides their own experience as com- day observance.

The comments of Dr.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Barnes panions and co-laborers. And now, as they on this point will be interesting, as coming from were expecting to enter upon their reward, they an able scholar and a Sunday believer were bidden to go over the same ground with "It has been supposed by many that this took an unpopular truth, bearing the stigma of a place on the first day of the week; that is, on crucified Master, and even to extend their la- the Christian Sabbath.

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But there is a difficulty bors " t o the uttermost part of the earth. There was probably a With their then limited comprehension, this difference among the Jews themselves as to the commission would seem to have been very dis- time of observing this festival. The law said couraging but for the fact that, as Luke records that they should reckon seven Sabbaths; that in his Gospel, the Lord pronounced his blessing is, seven weeks, "from the morrow after the upon them as he suddenly began to ascend to- Sabbath. By this Sabbath the ward Heaven.

Luke 24 50, Pharisees understood the second day of the Passover, on whatever day of. Knowing their great need of sympathy and if the apostles fell in wTith their views, the on being so suddenly left to themselves, their day was fully come on what is now the Chrisaffectionate Master had sent two angels from tian Sabbath.

But if the views of the Pharihis escorting "cloud" to once more reassure sees were followed, and the Lord Jesus had them. And what could more effectually do this with them kept the Passover on Thursday, as than the assurance that this same Jesus would many have supposed, then the day of Pentecome again. And the message had the designed cost would have occurred on the Jewish Sabeffect, 'as we learn from Luke 24 52, 53 that bath, that is, on Saturday.

Kuinoel; Lightfoot. Nor is it of much importance. According to the later Jews, the day of Pentecost blessing God. The of this custom is to be found in the Old Testatime had come of which he had told them, that ment.

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They had reA SOUND "filled all the house where they turned to their place of abode in the city, with great joy, and now they gave themselves to were s i t t i n g. This sound was "as glory, and they forgot his saying, " Of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only. It is possible that somg even now are setting their hearts on temporal things, while remembering his words.

Commentators and speculators have quibbled a great deal over the question as to what house this was. There is no revealed means of knowing; consequently discussion is worse than useless, as it can only lead to dissension. OF the extent of the gift of tongues mentioned in verses , there has been no little discussion.

Some think it too much to suppose that any of the gifted ones could speak all the languages referred to, or of " every nation under heaven; " but that some spoke one language and others spoke other languages. Others teach that the gift was not permanent, but could be used only as occasion required. A little thought might save controversy on the subject. This was the power of God, who is not limited as to language. It was no more for him to give one power to speak all the languages, than to speak one unknown tongue. It would have been impossible for the apostles to have executed their commission then without this gift, as they could not in a lifetime have learned all the languages spoken.

Here is a pointed sentence from " T h e Great Controversy " " From this time forth the language of the disciples was pure, simple, accurate in word and accent, whether they spoke their native tongue or a foreign language. Paul a vision see by night What king did Abram vanquish in the fight What ruler came to learn of Christ by night Of whom did Paul as his "work-fellow" write From whence were gold and precious stones conveyed The man with whom the apostle three days stayed Whose nurse at Bethel in her grave was laid Who asked her husband's life at David's feet Whom does St.

AT the General Conference of Seventh-day Baptists, in the discussion of Sabbath-school work, it was stated as a matter of observation, that " those boys who were compelled to go to church and to sit with their parents, when small children, whether they liked it or not, are the young men who to-day are to be found in church and Sabbath-school work; while those who went or not as they felt like it, are to-day nowhere. Take the children to church and teach them how to behave when there. If you do not, the chances are that they will never learn. Baptist Teacher.

No P L A N of' a child's education nor of an adult's education is worth much, which leaves out of its vocabulary the word " duty. A scholar who is studious and attentive, and manifestly of a loving spirit, is a living illustration of his teacher's teachings, and thus is an instructive example before the other scholars in the class. Make a note of this. THE Indian corn looked over the fence, And what do you think he spied A field of tobacco, just ready to bloom, And stretching in lordly pride.

To his broad-leaved neighbor at once he called, In accents loud and clear, " I thought you belonged to a sunnier clime; Pray what are you doing here " So then, with haughty air, replied The plant of power and pelf, " You are pleased to ask of my business, sir, What do you do yourself " '' I feed the muscle, and blood, and bone, To make our farmers strong, And furnish blood for the little ones, That round their tables throng.

Go Ask Malice: Murder at Woodstock (The Rock & Roll Murders: A Rennie Stride Mystery)

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That conventional, idea of moderation, to which Sir Henry Thompson refers, is quite elastic; the term is stretched to cover habits that are steadily despoiling the life of its rarest fruits. The drinking habit is often defended by reputable gentlemen to whom the very thought of a debauch would be shocking, but to whom, if it were only lawful, in the tender and just solicitude of friendship, such words as these might be spoken "It is true that you are not drunkards, and may never be; but if you could know, what is too evident to those who love you best, how your character is slowly losing the firmness of its texture and the fineness of' its outline; how your art deteriorates in the delicacy of its touch; how the atmosphere of your life seems to grow murky and the sky lowers gloomily above you, you would not think your daily indulgence harmless in its measure.

It is in just such lives as yours that drink exhibits some of its most mournful tragedies. WHY should men delay to break any bad habit they all know that it grows stronger by each repetition. Nothing is more foolish than to say, " I know I ought to stop, and I will " Thousands of hands at my bidding work; next New Year's day.

The drunkard He ceased to speak, and in angry mood Responded the tasseled Maize never reforms to-morrow; the spendthrift never saves to-morrow. The boaster who says, "I can " You're in secret league with dyspeptic ills if I will," is the one who cannot will, and thereA" merciless traitor hand With clouds of smoke you pollute the air, fore never does. There is but one remedy for With floods of slime the land.

He who says, "I will not do it for three months," " You tax the needy laborer sore; You quicken the drunkard's thirst; is not grappling the habit at all. He only fights You exhaust the soiland I wish you'd go the battle who says, "Never more; the thing is To the place whence you came at first. A love of bad. Dissipated men must become December Century says earnest Christians, not mere professors, to make The loss of self-respect, the lowering of ambi- their reformation sure. It is a THE Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to mournful spectaclethat of the brave, ingenious, high-spirited man sinking steadily down Children in New York is continually bringing into the degradation of inebriety; but how to light cases of most harrowing suffering and many such spectacles are visible all over the shocking degradation which have their origin land And it is not in the character of those in strong drink.

One of these of recent occuralone who are notorious drunkards that such rence was a case wherein a working man, the tendencies appear. They are often distinctly father of five children, entreated an officer of seen in the lives of men who are never drunk. The wife and to the effect that " the habitual use of fermented mother, in a drunken frenzy, had resolved to liquors, to an extent far short of what is necessary drown the child, and for that purpose had to produce intoxication, injures the body and started for one of the piers.

The father and diminishes the mental power. The rescued child was is conventionally deemed moderate," then it is given to the father, and the drunken mother certain that such use of them must result also was sent to Black well's Island for six months. Who does not know reputable gentle- woman, aged 14, had some months before been men, physicians, artists, clergymen even, who sent to the House of Refuge for stealing to get were never drunk in their lives, and never will "drink-money" for his mother Ex.

The drinker is not conscious of may know enough to turn off the gas when he this loss; but those who know him best are pain- goes to bed, but he will be exceptionally fortfully aware that his perceptions are less keen, his unate if his children have sense enough to do judgment less sound, his temper less serene, his anything at all. New York Herald.

Even IT is claimed that out of 1, criminal convicthose who refuse to entertain ascetic theories tions in Iowa during , of the criminals respecting these beverages may be able to see convicted were saloon-keepers. It is not stated that there are uses of them that stop short of how large a proportion of the remaining number drunkenness, and that are still extremely hurtful were saloon-haunters. The Day of the Sabbath. Nothing concerning it is left uncertain or obscure.

Every declaration of the Scriptures on that subject, whether it regards the day selected, the work commemorated, the sanctifying or setting apart for observance, the commandment, or the honor which God bestowed upon it, all is unmistakable in its import, if we walk by the old Protestant rule "The Bible, and the Bible alone. If we could call together a hundred representative men from all the churches of the land, and have them, each in turn, give their reason for keeping Sunday, it would be Babel reproduced Each would contradict his neighbor, and all would agree only on one point, namely, that they would not keep the day indicated in the commandment of God.

Having noticed some of the positions taken by religious teachers on this question, we will now take a survey of the field as presented in the Bible. That there may be no possible chance to set aside the testimony by evasions in regard to loss of time, unknown changes, etc.

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From creation to Moses; 2. From Moses to Christ; 3. From Christ to the present time. When the Sabbath was made there was but one computation of time in the history of the world; that was the week of seven days. No other origin of the week can be given than that given in the first two chapters of Genesis. It was the week as counted by Jehovah, for man had then existed only a fraction of a week.

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The Sabbath was not counted as the seventh day of the month, or the seventh day of the year. It was not a day of rest coming every thirtieth day, or every three hundred and sixtieth day, but every seventh day. It stood related as to time only to the six days which preceded it. And it was not man's Sabbath, man's rest, because it did not commemorate man's work. It was the Sabbath of the Lord God. He rested upon that day "from all his work which God created and made. It indicates the delight which God took in his work and its memorial Comp.

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Mason; "it's the dinner, and good-bye for the present, and don't very far to sustain us on our weary road through dignified part that I don't like. It also proved a turning-point in director David Lean's career. The deepest interest was manifested in these readings, and much good was done. Graham Faulkner is entirely forgettable in the lead and Donovan's songs on this project aren't exactly first-rate, either. The manner in which he is addressed would indicate that he was either a prominent personage or a highly esteemed friendperhaps both. It can mean nothing else than that this life is all there is of man, unless he be raised from the dead. This is but one of the many tales of mystery surrounding the venerable Rushen Castle.

To sanctify means " to set apart to a sacred use.