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No chains will ever hold that
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They strongly aimed for more direct orders, which would lift wages, lower working hours, and leave more time for involvement in external labor struggles or promotion of cooperatives.

Now in , the cooperative is more stable, still having about 16 workers. However: the price of cotton has increased, the minimum monthly wage in Thailand has increased, and the landlord's sale of their former factory meant they had to move to a new location, incurring yet more costs for them.

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Furthermore, apart from sporadic direct orders for customized T-shirts, they now rely again almost exclusively on subcontracting orders from one company which gives them orders month by month. The Argentine cooperative called "20 of December" is also popularly known as La Alameda.

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Aaron Cole. World Revolution Win Lose. And in a way, every social action is a negotiation, a compromise between 'his,' 'her' or 'their' wish and yours. I was running with the set yeah Running with the set yeah We don't ever flex, we just rep Hear me, no, what did you expect? Kashta tasked by Amunet to give Tahira a proper burial. Die Rich. Globalization has produced a new of level of interdependence among us.

La Alameda is the name of a bar that was taken over by the popular assembly a neighborhood organization, established by residents to solve community needs, and not linked with official government in the area of Parque Avellaneda in Buenos Aires. That assembly began to solve the problems of the residents first by starting a community canteen, which ultimately became a program of the city under the Secretary of Social Development, feeding people each day.

Later, the group, now called La Alameda after the bar, also began to search for other forms of solidarity to generate work for the residents, and the garment worker cooperative was one. As more workers, especially migrant Bolivians, came to the community canteen, La Alameda members would learn about problems such as hidden urban sweatshops, sex trafficking, and child labor on poultry farms. From some of the former sweatshop workers, La Alameda organized cooperatives, and one is "20 of December", which is the formal name of La Alameda's garment worker cooperative in No Chains.

Since La Alameda has become very highly visible for its work in exposing garment sweatshops, denouncing sweatshop owners, and exposing government collusion or inaction in prostitution rings and sex trafficking.

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One of the trademark strategies of La Alameda to support workers' rights and restrict abuses of employers is using hidden cameras, and making high media impacts to generate public discussions about abuse of migrant labor. Another is to partner with respected and politically independent public figures who would give support to their cause.

The new Pope — formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — was one of the supporters; he held outdoor services with the excluded sweatshop workers, waste recyclers , together with La Alameda. His expressions of support have been frequent and these have lent great moral weight to the struggles to end labor and human rights abuses of migrant workers. Though in many respects the types of pressures and work conditions faced by the workers in the two cooperatives were the same, the process of working together as cooperatives from different places has required immense additional efforts.

To begin with, the cooperative members do not speak a common language. Other volunteers in Thailand and I have been playing intermediary roles to ensure that discussions and decision-making are always conducted in Thai, English, and Spanish. Thus, many discussions take a long time and it also takes time to get accustomed to those from different cultures.

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No Chains Lyrics: Aye, aye / A-K, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok / (A-K, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok) / I was running with the set (Yeah) / Running with the set (Yeah) / We. KB - No Chains (Letra e música para ouvir) - Aye, aye / A-k, ok, ok, ok, ok / (A-k, ok, ok, ok, ok / / I was running with the set (yeah / Running with the set (yeah / We .

Yet as activists and cooperative workers, the workers' time is very limited. Furthermore, No Chains heavily needs marketing, and this also requires big efforts — for drafting, printing, translating How did you get involved and what has your involvement meant for you? Doris : My role in No Chains is mainly to communicate and coordinate between the different factories and organizations.

Through email and Skype, we have meetings and propose ideas, make decisions, share problems, etc. This is done also with the help of other volunteer coordinators and interpreters in each country who are working with the cooperatives. When possible, we find occasions to meet in person. I also help with external networking and promotion.

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When the activist, Gustavo Vera, learned that there was a worker-managed garment cooperative in Bangkok with a similar history as the worker cooperative of La Alameda, he proposed that the two jointly set up a workers' brand, which would produce clothing by workers in cooperatives and would call for a garment industry free of exploitation.

I thought it would be difficult to sustain, considering the language barriers, but I also believed it would be a very unique form of cooperation, one in which worker-to-worker solidarity across borders would be 'built-in' — i.

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It would be a meaningful medium through which the hard—learned lessons of worker struggle and cooperative survival get passed on to others who are also struggling. I have indeed learned a lot through my involvement with No Chains, and feel more motivated than ever to continue.

Finally, establishing a common sales and finance system is also complicated. The difficulty here is one reason why, after several years, the profit-sharing system has been changed.

Initially, each cooperative would share half of their surplus with the other. And then results are- we are stuck in some relationship. Or we keep doing routine things devoid of all adventure and excitement.

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Or we give up too many things without completing any one till its logical end. Or we live a mediocre, lack-luster life. All these are because of a belief, a conditioning.

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