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I say restore aid to states and education and reduce the less stimulative tax cuts. And, if the Republicans are determined to stay intransigent and resist, let them. Then pass the bill anyway, and reduce the number of votes necessary to prevent filibuster. A question I often ask in these situations is: What do you want to achieve with your philanthropy? I used to live in Puerto Rico and the bedbug problem there was very rare.

From what I heard from several people from there, the problem usually was eliminated by just having some small eucalyptus branches put under the bed. This might also help get rid of head lice, fleas and other midnight biters, possibly some carrying diseases. The leaves may need to be bruised a bit to get quick action. Some people may have allergies to eucalyptus sap so some care should be taken by just testing with a few leaves at first.

But eucalyptus ingredients are major parts of various additives for vaporizing steam inhalers indicating pretty widespread tolerance. I am amazed at the self righteous statements by Bob Brokl, who gloats over the misfortunes of the developers of the Creekside project, as if it was due to their stupidity and greed that the economy and housing market has tanked, and their project has to be put on hold indefinitely.

This same project was endlessly modified and changed to meet neighborhood objections and was finally lauded as a reasonable and appropriate development by most of us who cared.

Mississippi couple goes viral with 'empty nest' photo shoot

Equally important, it would forever get rid of one of the ugliest buildings ever built in Oakland, a true eyesore if there ever was one. Brokl seems to like it and compares it to some equally ugly building in Nebraska; what a terrific recommendation. I do agree that the owners need to secure the building immediately, better yet, demolish it.

Its rental value is minimal and there are too many vacant or marginally occupied retail premises in the Temescal to justify the costs of rehabilitating this building. I, for one, cannot wait to see it demolished.


And a big thank you also to the Daily Planet for helping to publicize this event. There will be lots more opportunities for community members to get involved in the effort to restore and bring the Kenney Cottage, along with a community garden, to a vacant lot in a West Berkeley neighborhood. Stay tuned! However, if Ms. Full disclosure: I am one of the seven board members voting yes, and am a retired journalism teacher.

Additional Context Social Media Musings (A Collection of Posts From Jerri's Empty Nest) eBook: Jerrilynn Atherton: Kindle Store. Social Media Musings A Collection of Posts From Jerris Empty Nest, Social Media Marketing + Web 20 WebsitesSocial Networks and Tools Social Media.

It was not. I would also think that the reasons ZAB approved this project should be in the article, but not one ZAB member was quoted or cited. And I would think the public would be interested in knowing how this project effects Berkeley, being one of the largest residential structures proposed for West Berkeley in recent history.

None of this was in the article. Instead, the few critics, supported by one ZAB member in the end, were highlighted in the first two paragraphs of the article and the bulk of the article was devoted to their objections. So Ms. Your answer may just be the solution to your problem. I mean we all need a reason to chuckle these days. Now wait a minute. Just be a tenant? Mayor, but each day becomes scarier as the number of homeless people grows.

Now on to the next blooper. Three weeks into the Hamas-Israel truce, the Gazans are still imprisoned. The Israeli military, poised on the border, enters and shoots at will, the terrifying sound of jet fighters and helicopters continues, day and night. Truckloads of humanitarian aid are barred from entering. In , after my parents had been deported to their death in Auschwitz, my brother, 17, and I, almost 5, were hiding in a Paris hotel room.

The Allies were bombing a nearby train station, a terminus for Nazi supply lines.

What will become of these massively traumatized children? When they withdrew Jan. Evidence of deliberate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure—war crimes—accumulates. But few knowledgeable analysts find the stated objective of stopping Hamas from launching rockets into Israel more than a thin pretext.

Hamas scrupulously observed a ceasefire from last June until Nov. Published photographs show Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barack smiling broadly as they congratulate each other on a job well done.

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No one knows how many died. Those Jews who believed collective rebirth demanded a Jewish state bear only part of the blame. But the first Israelis bequeathed a terrible legacy. Many Israeli Jews remained unmoved by the suffering of Palestinian children—claiming, absurdly, this is what Israel must do to survive. Most Israelis have simply erased from awareness the dispossession and destruction inflicted on Palestinians. The Palestinians might in time have forgiven , but the expulsions resumed in and continue, as settlements grow and multiply in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and 2.

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Many peace activists now call for cutting military aid to Israel and boycotting Israeli products. They have learned the true lesson of the Nazi genocide: we are fully human only when we are able to see the world from the perspective of others and behave with compassion. Annette Herskovits became a writer and peace activist after a career as a linguist and college professor. She is the daughter of Holocaust victims. Hearing the sad news that La Fiesta Restaurant on Telegraph Avenue will close its doors in a couple of months, my friend Joy and I had dinner there last evening.

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Losing Mario and Rosalinda Trejeda is in itself a great loss, although this wonderful couple will happily still operate their beautiful Banquet Hall on Haste Street. Ordering a couple of margaritas to lighten our melancholy spirits, Joy and I began making a list of the fine stores that once graced Telegraph Avenue. I still remember standing on a crowded street to see Bill Clinton, who graciously stepped outside to greet the hundreds of people unable to squeeze inside the store.

Many longtime Berkeley residents will recall a small theater which offered classic and foreign films. This was the theater which launched the career of the nationally acclaimed critic, Pauline Kael, whose movie schedules and witty reviews could be picked up outside the theatre by passersby. Just around the corner from Telegraph Avenue, Bancroft Street offered its own popular attractions—most notably The Black Sheep Restaurant, which to my way of thinking has never been excelled for charm, intimacy and a great menu. Not to be overlooked is the Center for Independent Living, offering valuable assistance to the many disabled people in our community.

Mind you, this will be a real celebration, with mariachi music, food and drinks, all free!


This is an event not to be missed! So do make a date to stop by and offer congratulations and good wishes to our beloved Mario and Rosalinda. My parents, Italian immigrants with strict traditions on the rearing of daughters, did not allow me to date, but I was allowed, at 14 or 15, in the last year of World War II, to attend cheap, well-advertized public dances with half a dozen other girls. Hundreds of teenagers from every corner of the city converged on Civic Auditorium. I danced with strangers or stood in the clapping, stomping circles that gathered around the best usually black or hispanic jitterbuggers.

There was probably police presence, but we hardly aware of it in all the noise and excitement. If the place became filled to capacity, I never heard of any problem turning people away. We were tolerated, provided for, almost expected. Do you know him? Neither do I. I was already out of touch with these concerns when the magic of Woodstock degenerated into the hell of Altamont. I know from experience that the power of parents to enforce rules has eroded year by year almost to the vanishing point. Blaming parents is always easier than supporting them in any public or official way.

I can only say guns and cars were rare, knives carried for show but seldom used, hard drugs unknown to even the tough kids in my group. It was full of sailors far from home, waiting to be sent to die on some godforsaken South Pacific island; full of war workers of every ethnicity, from every state, and Mexico. The Mission had had gang presence for as far back as anyone could remember. So, I ask again, what has changed to make Friday night a time when any occasion, public, semi-public, or private can become a target for violent invaders?

I wish some people smarter than I am would put their minds to this question. I think we have to answer it before we can talk about solutions. Here is a bit of background on the issue. The Bible Genesis tells us that God created heaven and earth and all contained therein in six days. God rested on the seventh day. Genesis is treated by most scholars as an allegory, not literally true.

While most Americans probably agree that God was responsible for the creation of life on earth, many disagree on what happened next. Darwinists believe that humans and other living things evolved over time, while the creationists believe that humans and other living things have stayed the same since creation. The courts have ruled that intelligent design and creationism should be taught, if at all, in Sunday school—not in our public schools.

An important court decision in this area is the federal district court case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District Pennsylvania , where the court ordered the school district to refrain from maintaining an Intelligent Design Policy whereby intelligent design had to be offered as an alternative to evolution. The ignorance of the average U. How are we going to keep up with the rest of the world in innovation and scientific discovery when adherents of pseudoscience wield so much influence in our society? What is more troublesome is that there are creationists teaching science in our colleges and universities and even in our high schools.

Junk in, junk out. A palpable wave of relief passed through the crowd during the Feb. Because of the state budget stalemate, the governor has threatened to shave five days off the school year, and he plans to lift state restrictions on how school funds are spent, freeing our School Board to use state money to pay debts instead of funding education. So even if the City of Richmond money holds off some of the closures temporarily, we will be back in the same position before long.

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