Spider #110 November 1942 (The Spider)

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No, you might not have been able to scale walls like the web-slinging superhero but the Cracker Jack residue could help you snare a foul ball if one was headed your way. It was also helpful when turning the pages of your baseball program at the game. While many baseball fans can recall the look and taste of the candy, along with the tiny wrapped gift inside each box, most of us were not around when original baseball cards were included in every package.

In , Cracker Jack would produce the first of two classic sets. So, of course, each card that found its way into the Cracker Jack boxes was subjected to a host of condition obstacles. The cards bounced around inside the box, covered by an avalanche of candied corn and peanuts.

As the temperature rose, the contents became stickier and more hazardous to the trading cards enclosed with the sweet and gooey treats. As a result, the Cracker Jack issue is terribly difficult to find in high-grade today. How some of these cards survived in presentable condition is beyond me, but it is clear that some of the best examples must have escaped being subjected to their candy cages. This is also true of other candy and tobacco issues from the first half of the 20th century.

Absent rare finds of unblemished examples, ones that were never placed into the product packages, most of these types of cards are found in mid-to-lower grades.

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In , Cracker Jack continued planting Shoeless Joes, Ty Cobbs, Christy Mathewsons and the like inside their boxes, but they also offered the public an opportunity to acquire a complete set with an accompanying album, in exchange for coupons, to house the cards that avoided the minefield of sugar. It is virtually impossible to locate high-grade copies from the set but, while still challenging and larger at cards, the Cracker Jack set is one that the collector can actually assemble in top condition if they possess the financial wherewithal to do so. Ironically, despite being technically easier to find in high grade, the cards actually sold for more than their counterparts for a long time.

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Many collectors dared not try to collect the set. The difficulty operated as a deterrent so, in turn, more collectors flocked towards the technically more attainable set.

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It was only recently, perhaps the last several years, that collectors began fully appreciating the great disparity in scarcity. As a result, collectors began paying stronger prices for the Cracker Jack cards across the board. The hottest sales on eBay. Ad eBay.

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And that was about the only staff that I was involved with. If you're looking for something dealing with modern "pulp fiction" style writing, you'd be bored here. And editor Rose Wyn decided that her outfit had to offer one too! Magneto, the master of magnetism and future leader of the evil mutants, also appeared. Spectacular not only expanded opportunities for the web-slinging wonder, it also provided a platform to expand upon and explore the world of his incomparable supporting cast: J. The Inquisitr.

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