Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

Ties That Bind, Ties That Break
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Ties That Bind, Ties That Break Summary

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The missionaries are very pleased with her work, and by her outstanding English and Chinese language skills, but as she grows to appreciate the foreign culture she grows even further from her own culture. Because a woman with bound feet was guaranteed a good husband. He gives her three options of what girls with unbound feet can do. Forgotten password. Grandfather was a little more frightening, but he spent all his time in his study reading dusty books, so I didn't have to see much of him.

Get one wrong? We'll ask some follow-up questions. Use it to prep for your next quiz! If there were hidden treasures such as this in plain sight, what other engineering marvels could be found below the surface? As soon as I saw him, disheveled and looking like he had not seen sunlight in weeks, I knew something was wrong. Forbes Nov 14, But his ordinary life is treated with bracing sincerity, and an enraptured state of attention.

Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

Serious journalists, even the most doggedly determined ones, have known this for a long time. Slate May 29, Questions: What do you want to know more about? What are you wondering about? Story Impression. Group the vocabulary list in their proper category. Once you are done, create a story using at least 10 of the words listed below. Characters: Who? Plot : What happens?

Main Stage Activities. Notes for the teacher:. Below you will find a list of journal prompts and discussion questions. Journal Prompts:. Students will also be encouraged to read with purpose. Directions: Prior to beginning a new chapter, the students will be presented with a journal prompt that they will reflect upon and write about. We recommend the journal entries be given roughly 10 minutes at the beginning of each class period.

The students will be in charge of keeping all their journal entries organized and in chronological order. These journal entries can be used as a springboard for a class discussion as well as lead into the discussion questions. Discussion Questions:. To apply different learning techniques in regards to comprehension, character analysis, literary elements character conflict, setting, plot, point of view , to make connections and reflections and to make inferences. Some teachers may opt to use the discussion questions as a response journal or as journal prompts.

Ties that Bind, Ties that Break

Chapter 1. Focus of Instruction:.

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The class will fill in the chart and it will be utilized to discuss the Tao family structure and dynamics. Who is in charge? Who is related to whom and how? Chapter 2. Lesson Plan: Compound Map Recommended activity. Vocabulary: Compound.

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Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Discussion Questions.

The Ties That Bind, Parts 5&6-(755&756)-Review #23-AIOO#46

Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Have students read pages Brainstorm questions students might ask the characters below in response to Big Uncle's ultimatum. Big Uncle. Second Sister.

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Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Journal Prompt:. What did you do? How did you make them feel better? Lesson Plan: Literary Postcards Recommended activity. On the written side of the postcard students might share:. On the picture side of the postcard students will draw:. Chapter Post Reading Activities: Project Ideas. Divide the paper in 4 equal parts. Write about the events of the book under each category, above the text draw a picture of the scene you depicted. Compare Ailin's father with Big Uncle. How are these men and their cultural attitudes different? Are these two men similar at all?

Write about an aspect of Chinese culture. Select one that we've discussed in class. Tell about a time when you've wanted to be different from others in your family or from others around you. Describe any consequences you've faced when you've acted differently from family or friends. How did people treat you? Should people should always follow cultural or family traditions? Does it take more courage for Ailin to remain in the U. When might it be right for a child or a minor to defy an adult? Suppose that Ailin and James have children.

In your opinion, and based on ideas from the story, will they teach their children Chinese customs and traditions?

Imagine that you go back in time to when foot binding was the norm for Chinese girls. How would you react to this aspect of Chinese culture? Each student will select a controversy or a conflict from the novel.

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There are several examples. For advanced learners, the teacher might assign pro or con positions. The student will select or be assigned a topic to be developed for a speaking presentation. The state standards and scoring guide will be used to create, and to evaluate, student work. Effective elements and components of persuasive speaking or writing should be expected. Speech traits:.